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This is the essential tool that top-performing professionals have relied on for the past 30 years. With its continuing stream of critical market updates, MarketTRAC is the industry’s report card for staying informed on emerging trends affecting the economy and real estate markets. Plus, your subscription will provide access to special members-only events and reduced ticket pricing to our workshops and webinars. MarketTRAC is offered on a subscription basis with convenient one-time or monthly payments.

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This is the real estate industry’s report card for staying informed on emerging trends with its continuing stream of critical market updates. Published monthly, HousingTRAC keeps you informed with detailed analysis of more than 400 local housing markets throughout New Jersey. Stop guessing about the state of your market and subscribe to the industry bible that real estate professionals have relied on for the past 30 years.
Published 12 times a year, MarketNEWS provides insightful economic and sector analysis for home sales, apartments, commercial and the industrial property. It’s timely analysis and insightful commentary will enhance your understanding of emerging trends by keeping you informed as they happen. The rich content of this newsletter is embedded with charts, graphs and breaking news stories to keep you informed of the latest developments.
Available only to MarketPRO-Plus subscribers, this feature provides you with direct access to Jeffrey Otteau. Structured as an online web query, subscribers are able to submit their real estate related questions for a response from one of the top experts on real estate.
Get access to Webinar Briefings throughout the year which provide an update to market conditions between our Spring & Fall Workshops. Your MarketTRAC subscription entitles to participate in the Members-Only Events at no additional cost.
Individual subscribers benefit from reduced ticket pricing for our in-person workshops and online webinars that occur throughout the year. These discounts can add up, and lower the effective cost of our MarketTRAC subscription, depending on the number of events you attend.