Real estate demand is directly affected at the macro and micro levels by a wide range of economic and demographic factors. As evidence, some of the more profound changes affecting real estate demand in recent years, including an urban pivot away from suburbia and rising rentership rates, have been caused by structural economic and demographic changes that were decades in the making. Which is why we at Otteau Group devote so much time to identifying and quantifying the significance of emerging trends on real estate demand and value patterns.

Whether it is determining the implications of ‘Millennial’ households in an emerging market or projecting the number of school aged children to be generated by a housing project, Otteau Group can provide you with the insights and forecast of the marketplace ahead of your competitors.

Here is a sample of our Economic & Demographic analytic services:

  • Municipal Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • School Enrollment Projections
  • Economic Benefits from Development
  • Development Feasibility
  • Financial Projections including Pro-Forma Schedules and Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Construction Cost Analysis
  • Real Estate Tax Projections
  • Payment-In-Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) & Other Tax Abatement Analysis
  • Impact of Inclusionary Affordable Housing on Developer’s Profit Rate
Real Estate Economics