Otteau Group

Our Services

Real State Valuation

Real Estate valuation

We provide authoritative valuation services across a wide range of real estate types.

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Real State Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

We provide a wide range of advisory services to developers, financial institutions and others.

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Real Estate Advisory

Real Estate Advisory

Being successful in the real estate industry requires a clear understanding of emerging trends and strong communication skills.

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Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Dispute & Litigation Support

Expert valuation reports developed for litigation matters demand bullet proof analysis and authoritative testimony.

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Real Estate Economics

Real Estate Economics & Demography

Real estate demand is directly affected at the macro and micro levels by a wide range of economic and demographic…

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Real Estate Stigma and Benifits

Real Estate Benefits & Stigma

The Otteau Group has a deep understanding of how special influences can impact property value.

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Event And Workshops

Events & Workshops

We place an emphasis on education that will help our clients understand the ever-changing real estate investment market, and…

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Our Mission Statement


The Otteau Group develops and delivers timely, valuable knowledge to organizations and individuals to help them achieve unparalleled success in the real estate industry.


The Otteau Group provides the highest quality services to clients while continuing to advance the science of economic and real estate analytics through research and related disciplines. The expansion of our knowledge base enables us to further advance the interest of our clients.


The Otteau Group will maintain its position as the real estate industry’s most authoritative provider of services, the most innovative source for research and analysis, and the most trusted educator of trend analysis, risk assessment, and other services.


Our professionals aim for excellence, continuously raising the bar on all that we do.


Otteau Group team members are committed to bringing energy, commitment and enthusiasm to work every day.


We take pride in maintaining the highest levels of personal and professional conduct.


The Otteau Group supports a diverse, integrated environment that respects individuals and fosters new ideas and new approaches.


We respect, support and empower one another and our clients.