New Jersey

The 5 most competitive places to buy a home in New Jersey

There's a couple of reasons as to why new housing inventory has slowed down in the last few years, according…

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Englisches Wort rent auf Schild, Geld Wachstum

Where are rents rising faster than Manhattan: Would you believe Oak Tree Road in Iselin?


"While rents are not nearly as high as Manhattan, they are higher than other suburban markets, vacancy is extremely low…

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Elegant homes in an upscale residential neighbourhood

Home Sales Brisk in New York City’s Suburbs

The New York Times /

And in the inner-ring New Jersey suburbs closest to Manhattan, the markets are so brisk that many have less than…

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Family lying on a carpet

High-end, multi-family developments popping up in Central Jersey

My Central Jersey /

"There has been a fundamental shift in housing preferences here in New Jersey ” away from single family homes and…

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