Red dollar

Home prices in N.J. slower to climb than previously thought, report says

The Star Ledger /

Jeffrey Otteau of East Brunswick-based Otteau Valuation Group told the slow pace at which home sales are increasing in…

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Real estate

New Jersey home prices to rise 3% this year, forecaster says

The Record /

A Bureau of Labor Statistics report on Thursday said New Jersey gained 3,300 private-sector jobs in September, however, the state…

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Property Value

Appreciating the value of your home

Central Jersey /

Otteau cautioned that these county figures only reflect the median price of a home, which is a convenient marker but…

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Bidding Wars

Bidding Wars in the Suburbs

The New York Times /

But there, "the housing market is looking better than it has in a very long time," said Jeffrey Otteau, the…

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