New Jersey's Foreclosure

Some Wrongfully Foreclosed Homeowners Will Get Monetary Compensation

NJ Today /

This practice has stopped, but the moratorium on foreclosures created a backlog, which is the main reason why foreclosures have…

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Real Estate Consulting

Housing Prices Rebounding in New Jersey

NJ Today / NJTV

Housing prices are on the rise in New Jersey and experts expect they will continue in an upward trend this…

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Retail & Consumer Products

New Jersey Home Sales/Shore Homes

NJ News 12

Home Sales in New Jersey's Beach Communities are down by as much as 23%. Analysts say it's a trend that…

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House Prices

Struggling Home Owners in the U.S.

BBC World News

There is no reprieve for struggling home owners in the United States for the fall of house prices and sales.…

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